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Devonbosch Building 3
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  1. Operational Risk Management
  2. Material procurement (Main service)
  3. Project Management Assistance
  4. Resolution Representation
  5. Credit problems solutions
  6. Contracts Management
  7. Construction Implementation Assistance


  • Bridging finance
  • Personnel and plant
  • Construction assistance
  • Performance guarantees

Material Procurement

  • ARS will assist with mitigating material account limits with any Bona fide Supplier to the Industry.
  • ARS will assist by producing a cash flow to the Supplier to set the account limits accordingly.
  • ARS might even do payment undertakings to a supplier through an appointed Attorney`s trust account to Suppliers in the industry.
  • This however will depend on the quality of the Contractor and the viability of the Project. It will also depend if the ``Project account`` with signatures are in place with the one financier. With the other financier ARS will put in place an irrevocable account from the appointed attorney`s.

Credit Problems Solutions

  • Contractors who have credit problems can approach ARS for a possible solution to such a problem.
  • ARS will look at all the role players and the Project and propose a certain solution for all (each problem on its own merit).
  • All creditors can be persuaded with the correct cash flow projection provided the Project has enough net Profit in it.
  • However if the Contractor has been declared insolvent after the award of such a project there might be no chance of solving such a problem and all terms and conditions will apply always.