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About Us

Why use ARS for facilitation and assistance?

  • We see to it that the Contractor receives the best possible Bridging finance/material procurement/personnel/Plant and or Construction assistance (when applicable to salvage a project in distress).
  • We assist the Contractors with all relevant documents necessary to apply for funding or open up a material account .(We check the validity of each document as per the standard financial regulators checklists).
  • We check the credibility of each Contractor and place reports on file for each financier.
  • We check the viability of each project. We use the Contractor`s quotations and labor rates used at time of tender and place it onto our costing system to show exact cost on the project
  • We also evaluate all P&G`s (preliminaries & general) in the costing.
  • We then assist the contractor to complete all the necessary applications for Bridging finance and or material procurement should all the above proof to be positive.
  • We do a monthly compulsory site visit.

  • We compile a site report which can be used as a backup guide by the financiers/suppliers or employer. The report consist of a checklist with all relevant checks done as follows:
    • All risk & Public liability
    • Security Control on site (Book at the gate must be up to date )(if not ,inform the Contractor to rectify)
    • Store room book (up to date and signed )
    • OHS file up to date.

Mitigation factors

  • Monthly minutes must be forwarded to ARS by the Contractor
  • If required ARS to be introduced to the Principal Agent as part of the Contractor`s management team.
  • (Financier 1): ARS opens a Project bank account in the name of the Contractor for bridging finance to be paid into with ARS’s signature and the Contractor`s.
  • Project Salvage agreement to be signed between ARS and the Contractor.
  • ARS checks up on a monthly basis to see if all the Contractor`s Company documents are still current (Tax Clearance, Letter of good standing, Cipro, NHBRC certificate and / or CIDB certificate).
  • ARS confirms the validity of the supplier/s used on the project and confirms the quality of the material quoted and supplied